Our mission

Your appearance is your best asset for success and appeal!

At a professional or private meeting, your image plays a crucial role in the success of failure of the first impression that you make. It’s all about the “here and now”... you may not get a second chance. You only have 30 seconds to convey the right message.  Presented like that, it certainly puts the pressure on, doesn’t it?! Just as you go through the door, you naturally start to wonder whether you’ve chosen the right... clothes, hairstyle, shoes, tie, etc.

But in all honesty, don’t you think you should be concentrating on other matters? We’ll let you into a secret... Be PRE-PARED!



maximise your potential !

We can help you prepare for those key moments in your career or life by offering a wide range of services to companies as well as individuals. We cover topics such as a professional dress code, the role of colours, how to improve your social skills, good manners at restaurants (oh yes!), and non-verbal communication. Lookatwork also provides individual coaching sessions (image assessments, colour analysis, face shape, hairstyles, body shape, make-up, style studies, wardrobe management, shopping assistance), and can even come up with customised uniform designs, etc.

Lookatwork is an experienced partner that you can trust. Leave your image to us and we’ll enhance it for you!




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