J’ai adoré votre présentation.
Vous m’avez rendu un morceau de ma joie de vivire.  Je suis en train de combiner plein de jolis vêtements de mon armoire.
Vous m’avez transmis beaucoup d’ondes positives, déjà quand vous êtes entrée dans la pièce, c’était comme un moment magique pour moi.  J’ai pris beaucoup de poids durant mes traîtements,10 kg . J’en ai déjà perdu quelques uns, mais c’est du boulot, la maladie a laissé ses traces.
Merci poour votre présentation !


Patiente atteinte d'un cancer du sein

J'avais envie de quelque chose dans mon apparence mais quoi...et pourquoi..? ma vie a évolué dernièrement, appelant ainsi des envies différentes. 
J'avais observé un changement subtil chez une amie qui a été conseillée par Florence.  Elle était épanouie, comme réconciliée avec elle même ... elle en mieux!
J'ai eu confiance très rapidement, car Florence met vite à l'aise, elle est chaleureuse et empathique, naturelle.  Son but est juste de trouver ce qui nous met en valeur, ce qui nous convient le mieux.
Elle m'a ainsi incitée à me couper les cheveux et finalement ... quelle belle idée ! Je me sens très bien comme cela et je reçois plein de compliments ... ça fait un bien fou ..!
Les lunettes vont être changées également..
J'ai adoré réfléchir avec elle sur les couleurs qui me donnent bonne mine et me valorisent; les formes et le style de vêtements, le maquillage ... de toute façon ... chaque heure passée ensemble était ponctuée de rires et de complicité... Florence est décidément une très belle personne, solaire, qui sait communiquer à merveille sa passion pour le conseil en image...une belle aventure que cette rencontre..!

Infirmière psychiatrique

Roxane Le Moullec

Great and professionnal advises ! Thanks Florence

Christina Coustry

As creative image expert, Florence is capable of adapting her clients’ clothing to any working environments. Very efficient and dedicated through her passion and private advice, Florence has an incredible soul and is thus wise to get to know and partner with!

Christelle Genot

Enthusiast HR Officer I Insightful Business Partner

Lookatwork indeed keeps its promise in its name. After having gotten to know Florence – one of the most colourful ladies in Luxembourg – I was convinced that she was the person to help me trust myself to change – get out of my “black” phase, which I was so tired of…
Florence quickly realised that I was one of the lucky ones, who belongs to two colour seasons depending on the time of the year and my tan – or lack of it…
With her professional, easy-going and empathetic character, she quickly convinced me of also changing my hairstyle to suit my age and business better… Florence didn’t look at the watch – she took her time, listened and analysed confidently – and even introduced me to a new way of using make-up, supporting my preference for a natural look, yet still appearing vibrant after a 14 hour shift or more.

Thank you Florence! It was great fun working with you – and you changed a lot of my way of thinking about fashion, colours and looks! I am today having fun supporting my lifestyle and character through my look without feeling insecure!

Lene Pedersen

Managing Director and Owner of Lenelife

Florence is first in class for her perfect accessorizing skills. Always dressed with an incredible taste for details, colours and materials, she has an eye for unveiling the shade that fits you best. I was amazed by her clear judgement on what suits me best and her recommendations on length, shape and fabric. An absolute must!

Martine Weitzel

Consulting, marketing, webmarketing, branding, copywriting, translation, Luxembourg

Florence has natural skills for aesthetics and stands out by her elegance.
She pays close attention to accessories creating an outfit that looks visually pleasing, but matching and revealing her cheerful personality. In other words, she is definitely someone I would go to for advice in personal image matters.

Cecilia Vernhes

eam Leader in Client Delivery (Financial services)

I have known Florence for more than 20 years.  She was always dressed with the perfect touch either at work or at home.  I’m convinced that she will be excellent in coaching other people to reach the look at work that will help them to meet their professional and personal goals.

Stéphane Ries

Directeur Général  Luxtrust

Florence has not only a taste for nice clothes but for fantastic accessories. She has a discerning eye to match all together and make it elegant with a colourful touch.

Catherine Lebrun

Financial Controller

Florence exquisite grasp for class makes her personify sophistication. She definitely has the attitude, the refined taste, the innate style every woman ought to have, yet she decided to do the tough job of coaching women (and men) to learn to take control of their looks and become advocates of their own image, to take control and to use their looks to improve their confidence.

Claudine Lorang

Conseillère de direction – Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte

Florence gave my beautiful wife a special touch. I am delighted. Thank you Florence

Guido Gennen

Bénévolat pour Dress for Success
Today’s meeting with the new client went very well.  Florence provided her services as an image coach and did an excellent job (thank you again Florence!). The client left DFS looking fantastic and confident!

Karrie Zych