Training courses for companies

Training courses specifically intended and designed for companies

In response to demand from companies, we developed our tailor-made training courses based on direct feedback on experiences and requirements.

The intention, of course, is for employees to see these training courses as a valuable asset that can help them succeed in their company and gain self-confidence. At the same time, companies benefit from the added value of an enhanced image and empowered employees.



Is style conducive to success?

Harmonise your style, appearance and actions according to your personality in order to enhance your professional image. Use this image to support your know-how and skills.


This training course will show you how to:

  • Take advantage of a professional image tailored to your job
  • Capitalise on your skills
  • Make your appearance a key driver of your performance
  • Optimise your image in your company and contribute to success
  • Reconcile your professional and personal image
  • Feel more at ease and gain credibility


Image and communication

  • What do we mean by image? Your look, attitude, behaviour, voice
  • Identify the image that you think you convey and the image actually perceived
  • Optimise your body language and appearance

Mastering image characteristics

  • Your attitude, body language, figure
  • The importance of the first impression

Creating a professional image

  • Get to know the codes associated with your business sector
  • How to reconcile your personal style with your business image



Daring to use colours for a dynamic image

Colours play a major role in our day-to-day and corporate communication. They attract attention, deliver a message and inspire emotions. They can have a calming, or in contrast, an energising effect. Find out how to harness them to put them to good use!


This training course will show you how to:

  • Enhance your image through colour
  • Reveal your personality
  • Optimise your interpersonal performance
  • Know the rules of your profession (or business sector)
  • Reconcile your personal style with your business image
  • Avoid errors and temptations


Managing the impact of colours

  • Identify primary, warm, cool, complementary colours, etc.
  • Learn about colour symbolism
  • Understand the colour wheel
  • Choose your colours for business
  • Avoid taste faux pas and master the essential rules

Practical exercises

  • Learn to combine colours with the help of coloured fabrics and cards



Social skills are the key to feeling at ease and earning respect

Feel at ease wherever you are and whatever the situation. Act naturally without the stress of wondering what “the done thing” is and what is not... The way you behave can either reflect well or badly on you. In a world in which the fundamental values of manners and social skills are becoming lost, in which customers are becoming increasingly demanding and a good upbringing seems pointless, it is crucial to know certain obvious rules regarding politeness, respect and behaviour, etc.


This training course will show you how to:

  • Behave with your colleagues, employees, clients and partners so that you never make any “faux pas”
  • Master the rules of etiquette to stand out positively and be exemplary
  • Treat others with respect to earn their respect in return


  • What are good manners? Is this really for me?
  • Good manners and good practices in business
  • Tell me what you eat...
  • The art of introducing yourself
  • The importance of body language
  • A warm approach and familiarity
  • It’s all a question of striking the right balance...



Non-verbal communication: Master your unspoken language!

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression”
You have probably read or heard this saying before... Our image says a great deal about us before we even open our mouth to speak because it conveys information to anyone we cross paths with, spend time with or exchange words with during a meeting, at our workplace or in a customer relationship.


This training course will show you how to:

  • Make a positive first contact
  • Distinguish between symbolic, cultural and unconscious gestures
  • Hone your presence to make a greater impact
  • Be more convincing and inspire others
  • Be more confident during negotiations, meetings and interviews


  • How to improve your non-verbal communication
  • Identifying the difference between the image you think you convey and the image actually perceived in order to interact better
  • The impact of first impressions > The components of non-verbal body language (voice, image, look, proxemics, postures, silences, kinesis, etc.)



According to a study by Albert Mehrabian, professor of psychology at the University of California :

The meaning of words only accounts for 7%... Yes, only


The way we say them (your voice, speed, rhythm, intonation, etc.) accounts for


Boby language and dress accounts for


(i.e. 7% verbal communication versus 93% non-verbal communication)
In other words, our non-verbal communication plays a crucial role in our everyday lives so we should devote great care and attention to achieving the desired result: respect, efficiency, benevolence, consideration, persuasion, etc.



Is it really important to enhance your virtual image?

Now more than ever professional contacts scan through the Internet when looking for information or impressions of new contacts.

This is why an increased digital presence is essential for anyone looking to expand their business or network and even more so for recruiters and candidates. Differentiating ourselves begins with a reflecting about the image we wish to give of ourselves as well as how to manage and promote it.


This training course will show you how to:

  • Prepare as well as possible for your videoconference(s)
  • Enhance your image and thus make yourself stand out
  • Make a good virtual impression
  • Be credible on social networks


Prepare your videoconference(s):

  • Avoid frustrations
  • Improve your environment, your background
  • Develop the right attitude
  • Check your appearance

Credibility on social networks:

  • Improve/Strengthen your profile on social networks





Your image influences your career progression.

The clothes you wear and the way you behave can either reflect well or badly on you.

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