Coaching for companies

Customised image coaching

  • Do your employees convey an image that reflects their personality?
  • Do they project a relevant and positive image of the company to your clients?
  • Are they the greatest display of your corporate image?

If you have considered any of the questions above you no doubt need some external support to offer a new insight into your teams’ image. We can help you by providing a customisable selection of theme-based sessions:

We can carry out coaching in several stages either at your company or at Lookatwork to help your employees take on board both the theory and the tailored advice provided throughout the various sessions.

Session 1

Identifying requirements

During this initial session, we analyse the candidate’s personality, clothing needs and the areas in which they could improve their image. Together we work out how to make them look more stylish and elegant and how to enhance their physical assets according to their body shape, lifestyle, professional environment and personality.
A good image is like a signature because it is seen then memorised, becoming a real asset and advantage for the company!

Session 2

Colour analysis

Using a method called “draping”, we analyse the colours that work best for the person in question. We study the shape of their face and determine the best hairstyle, glasses and accessories to highlight the strengths of their personality.

Session 3

Style analysis

The style study involves completing an extremely detailed questionnaire to establish which type of clothes best suit your employee’s working environment while reflecting their identity. We deal with the topics that come into play for a stylish image, e.g. face shape, body shape, hairstyles, etc.
Thanks to an interactive discussion, we find out your employee’s hopes and expectations in order to give them the best possible and most effective advice.

Session 4

Basics of a professional look (for men/women)

The aim of this session is to define the basics of a professional wardrobe. We look into which outfits to choose and which to avoid. We also explore the topics of colours, materials, cuts and lengths.

Session 5

Etiquette and good manners

Theory and practical exercises on good manners, table manners, good social skills in the office, with colleagues, with superiors and in private, with simulations

Session 6

Image assessment

During this final session, your employee will be encouraged to provide feedback on their coaching experience. This will help us to understand whether they have understood and implemented the advice we provided throughout the sessions or if we need to go over any specific points again.

Session 7

On request, we can help your employee to choose new outfits that are more suitable for their working environment and personality. We will shop around for outfits that match their budget and style and guide them in their purchases.

Style bible

We can provide your employee with a file containing all the advice, tips and recommendations provided during the coaching sessions. That way, they won’t forget what they have learned and will know how to be prepared for any occasion.


Your image influences your career progression.

The clothes you wear and the way you behave can either reflect well or badly on you.

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